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    We've created guidelines for you to you review so that you completely understand what is expected from every single individual participating in the FATE Athlete Search.

    If you violate any single rule you will be automatically be disqualified from the contest.


    What we want:

    Use our hashtags #TeamFATE, #FATEFIT & #FATEAthlete on your posts. Tag us in your posts and show your support by commenting and liking our @FATESUPPS content! These are some of the best and most efficient ways for you to stand out and for us to see who is truly participating (yes we will search tags to consider our winner).

    Be unique, be creative. We're not going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to win or what we are looking for. We want to see who you REALLY ARE. Do what YOU do, do what YOU do BEST. Don't be concerned with others. Instead, focus on yourself and HELP others.

    Be yourself, be real. We are genuine people, and only genuine people will be added to our team.

    Be respectful, be helpful, work hard. Don't bash other people or other brands. Positivity, respect and kindness are extremely important to us and we expect the individuals associated with our brand to embody these values.


    What we don't want:

    Don't do anything harmful, disrespectful or malicious. If you plan on doing something that could potentially get yourself, or others, hurt or in trouble just don't do it. 

    DO NOT post ANYTHING profane. If we see anything that we believe violates the community guidelines of the various social media platforms we utilize you will not only be disqualified, you will be reported.

    DO NOT buy likes or followers. We are social media experts. We know what we are looking at and if we see something fake, you will be disqualified.


    Do you have to use FATE Supplements during the Athlete Search?

    The simple answer is no. You are not required to use FATE Supplements to participate in the Athlete Search.

    However, it would be unethical for us to promote participants across our social media platforms who use and promote other products. If you promote supplements during the Athlete Search they need to be FATE Supplements. If you win our Athlete Search you fully reimbursed for your all of your supplement purchases during your time of participation in our Athlete Search.


    Team FATE Values

    We live the fitness lifestyle. We don't just talk about it we are about it.

    We understand and recognize the immense power of social media and we take it very seriously.  We focus on building a strong community and work very hard to motivate, inspire and help others. Social media a powerful tool, and we do our absolute best to use it properly.

    We are passionate, honest, knowledgeable, hard working and deeply care about our brand and the values we represent.

    We use our influence to ACTIVLEY help people, to elevate them and improve their lives.

    We are not perfect, but we strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves. We are real people who use our passion, strengths and talents to help as many people as humanly possible.

    Also, we NEVER, EVER, give up.